Virtual Private Server Hosting


Uptime Guarantee

We'll guarantee the uptime on your server to 100% in any calendar month, excluding scheduled maintenance

Safe and Secured

We will security harden the server OS, control panel, software and manage your own adaptive firewall

Our Dedicated Support

Genuine 24x7 support with response times of just minutes not hours like some other providers

Pricing Plans


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vCPU cores
High Availability Cluster
Backups (Optional)
24x7 Technical Support

We Offer


Cost-effective Management

Employing an in-house server admin team can be very costly, especially for businesses that require round the clock monitoring and maintenance of their systems. Our enterprise support team provides a cost-effective way to manage your system while ensuring your servers are in safe hands.

Security You Can Rely Upon

Our team can develop and implement a security policy that works for you and meets both your internal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR. Services include intrusion detection and prevention, application firewall configuration, DDoS protection, email security and more.

High Performance

We will work with you to study your application and tailor a solution specifically for your usage scenario. This way, we can ensure you make the most of your investment and not waste money on unnecessary hardware upgrades.

Business Continuity

Ensuring you can continue doing business should the worst ever happen is a critical concern for any business. With access to multiple, independent data centres, combined with our expertise in offering geographical redundancy and off-site backup and replication services, we can create a continuity plan that meets your exact criteria.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

our highly secure, redundant and hyper-converged architecture protects your cloud virtual machines from hardware and network failure. Our facilities feature diverse power, cooling and physical security measures.

High-Performance Storage

Our cloud hosting provides a reliable, high-performance and cost-effective cloud storage solution. Affordably priced, our pure enterprise-class SSD storage is perfect for both read and write heavy environments.