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Discord bots

Nowadays discord has become a crucial element for all types of communities, it has become so important that even companies decide to create their own communities on this platform.

Discord offers hundreds of functions between channels, different types of video calls and messaging systems, but there is a detail that makes discord a complete tool, and these are the discord bots, apps that are added to communities and each one offers a huge range of functions.

Music bots, moderation, management, entertainment, minigames … today there are hundreds of different bots waiting to be chosen to join your community, but there is a star of everything that from our point of view; should not be missing in any community.

Having a bot that has the logo of your community, the name and status you want is something more and more striking, because of course; Wouldn’t a bot be better launching all those functions but carrying your own brand?

At Byron-Butler Web Services we give you the opportunity to have your own in the easiest and most economical way possible.

So much so that you can have your own bot available today for free, although you will not be able to get the most out of your bot without taking a step further and choosing one of our hosting + development rates, you can find it from £4.99/month.

Many communities already have their own bot, do you already have yours?

Go for it: https://byronbutler.com/discord-bots

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