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IT Strategy and Consultancy

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Without a thorough and up-to-date understanding of IT, it can be a challenge to spend budgets wisely or leverage the advantages that technology has to offer. IT Strategy and Consultancy brings together expert technical knowledge and proven commercial prowess, helping you utilise technology to improve productivity and revenue. Whether you need project-based initiatives to help with specific organisational needs or a business-wide strategy to drive long-term investment and road mapping, our team has the experience to help.

Today, IT departments are relied upon to enable and support a wide spectrum of an organisation’s operations. Our IT Strategy and Consultancy can help your IT department and its resources work smarter to optimise those operations and better achieve your goals. Our experienced consultants will work in partnership with you to plan for, implement and enhance services, such as managed cloud deployments, infrastructure management, network security, reliable and available application delivery and end-user IT support. Contact us for more

In-depth analysis of your business IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Health and Security Audits

Mitigating risks for a smoother technology roadmap

Our infrastructure health and security audits identify current and future issues, enabling them to be swiftly dealt with. This gives you the reassurance that your infrastructure complies with standards and is correctly configured.

The audits carried out by our expert teams provide insights that can help improve availability and performance, reduce the need for operational support, lower costs and strengthen security. Additionally, they help us provide the right solutions and recommendations for areas that need improvement.

The audit includes a review of (where applicable) Windows or Linux infrastructure, network devices, infrastructure monitoring, configuration management policies and procedures, wireless connectivity coverage and security, WAN links bandwidth utilisation, backup and recovery procedures, IT compliance, data centre and IDF environments, hardware inventory management, unified messaging infrastructure and business requirements (e.g. SLAs, support contracts, etc).

In-depth analysis of your business IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Health and Security Audits


Not only can we architect your solution but we can manage it as well. You can tailor the level of management required from completely managed to partially managed to self-managed. Regardless, you can always rely on our enterprise support team.

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We can boost your proyect performance by delivering the best technological innovation as a basis to detect new business opportunities, etc.

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Our goal is to encompass all the technological solutions and products that you may need in order to reduce costs, offer better customer services and simplify your day to day.